Guest Comments

Guest Comments - Period of April - June 2012

Name  : Mrs. Jacqueline Kallen (Australia) (01 Apr '12)
Great hotel and very friendly staff ! will see you all soon again..

Name  : Mr. Piotr Scczepanski (Australia) (01 Apr '12)
Very beautiful place ,nice staff and everyone was very accomodating to wards our young boys.
Had a lovely time, hope to return one day.

Name  : Mr/s. Patrick/Borengere Motyl (France) (04 Apr' 12)
Accueil sympathique, personel agréable, dans un cadre reposant.

Name : Mr. Graham Russel (Great Brittan) (04 Apr' 12)
Had a lovely time, great pool, people and time.

Name : Mr. Robert Geoffrey (Great Britain) (04 Apr' 12)
Only here for a very short stay but was very well looked after.

Name : Mr. Paul Jano & Family (Belgium) (04 Apr '12)
Bedankt voor het mooie & aangename verblijf! Super lekker eten, enorm vriendelijk personeel,mooie kamers,..
Jammer dat we zo snel weg moeten, maar ik kom zeker nog eens terug! Tot snel hopelijks.
Bedankt voor alles Eugeen,Suzanne,Eka,Wayan,and everyone else!

Name : Mr/s. Bill and Dianne Bonter (Canada) (06 Apr '12)
Had an exception time!!! Wonderful !! wonderful !!

Name : Mr/s. Robert/Jocelyn Mc Creary (Canada) (06 Apr'12)
A great hotel, enjoyed the "full moon celebration".

Name : Mr. Yaita Hiroshi (Japan) (07 Apr '12)
Very cosy. Comfortable hotel.
I enjoyed my stay here.

Name : Mr/s. Tjeerd/Johanna Jan Ketel (The Netherlands) (07 Apr '12)
Twee fijne dagen met een ceremonie van de volle maan. We voelden ons vereerd en dat met het personnel van het hotel mee te magen maken.

Name : Mr. Maurijio Mandelli (Italy) (07 April'12)
Very pleasant stay. Thank you for all kindnes you did to our family. Very happy holiday.

Name : Mrs. Kristin Buchner (Germany) (07 April'12)
Thank you very much for having me over a week in your paradise. The service was excellent, so was the food – hmm!-
I relaxed after two weeks travelling by train all over Java. I enjoyed being with you as if I were at home in paradise!. I wish you - the whole staff - all the best for the future.

Name : Mr. Timothy Holmes (Australia) (11 April'12)
Fantastic atmosphore! Coming back soon!
Thank you for a pleasant stay.

Name : Mr. Werner Heijnmans (The Netherlands) (11 April '12)
Hartelijk dank voor deze fijie dagen in jullie hotel dankzij 't mooie kader, vriendelijk gedienstig personeel, prachtig zwembad, lekker eten, jullie treffen 't hier ! Bali, fantastich vakantie – eiland – Nu naar Java.

Name : Ms. Gemma Williams (Australia) (11 April '12)
Wonderful hotel, fantastic service! A little paradise hidden away from the hustle and bustle. Will definitely return. Aussie,, aussie,, aussie...

Name : Mrs. Olga Van de Boezem (The Netherlands) (11 April'12)
What a wonderful place, so calm,so smooth, and yet so organised. We had a nice time and will miss it.

Name : Mr. Regerds Lars Hunsen (Denmark) (12 April'12)
I must say that I had a wonderful stay at this hotel. Guest service , nice ambience , great pool and very tranguil. Just what I needed.

Name : Mr. Vicky Rusana (Australia) (12 April'12)
I've just had a wonderful 2 nights at this charming hotel. Great staff , spacious, spotlessly clean rooms. I also recommend dinner in the restaurant the almosphere and food are really good.

Name : Mr. Vander Eede and Family (Belgium) (13 April'12)
Thanks for the great stay nice rooms and pool!

Name : Mr. Elton Ewen Charles (Australia) (13 April'12)
Great place. Wonderful service. Lots of love.

Name : Mr. Andersen Eriksen (Denmark)
We hate to go, cause this is such a lovely place with comfortable rooms and a great pool ! We wish we could stay another week.

Name : Ms. Rose Eriksen (Denmark) (13 April'12)
Just adding: it's a great place ! and when it's really quit, you can hear the ocean.

Name : Mrs. Digby Heather and Elizabeth Cassis (Australia) (13 April '12)
Terima kasih banyak untuk yang satu hari. Maaf tetapi kami harus pergi ke ceremony (cepat) di Ubud)

Name  : Mrs. Stephanie Alba (Argentina) (13 April '12)
Great place, great people, thanks for everything. LOVE Bali.

Name  : Mr/s Jules and Gilbert Sanders (The Netherlands) (14 April'12)
Thank you for lovely stay. Very professional and relaxing place to have holiday . See you next time.

Name  : Mr/s Ali Koncak/Angela Van Loenen (The Netherlands) (14 April'12)
It was a very pleasant stay. Thanks for the good care all day long. We will definitely recommend your hotel.

Name  : Mr/s Ruairi/ Ruth Donegan (Ireland) ( 16 April'12)
We stayed in Tamukami when we came to Bali first and loved it so much we came back. The staff were so friendly and very helpful. The pool and accomodation were kept very clean and the food was lovely. We will definitely be recommending your hotel Terimakasih,suksme! Go raibth milé maith agat!

Name  : Mr. Brian Cameron and Family (Australia) (17 April'12)
We had a great time. It is a lovely hotel and has friendly staff. It was a pleasure to meet old friends again. The food was sedap sekali.

Name  : Mr/s John and Maggie Dunnill (Australia) (18 April'12)
Excellent as always! Nothing is too much trouble. We will be back.

Name  : Mr. Robyn Johnson (Australia) (21 April'12)
Just an elegant, peaceful, aesthetically beautiful hotel, not too large and feet welcoming! The room, food, garden, staff and owner all very high standard.

Name  : Mr. Andrew Gregory (Australia) ( 22 April'12 )
Lovely place, third stay, good value and useful locatoin, great balcon.

Name  : Ms. Philipa Baines (Australia) (22 April '12)
Pool area very picturesque.

Name  : Mr/s. Mark/Tara Hill and Family (Australia) (22 April'12)
Fantastic place, lovely surround area , beautiful bungalow. It's our 2 second stay and we love the place.

Name  : Mr. Erwan Hugues (France) (23 April '12)
A charming place! If we come back in Bali we will stay here again.

Name  : Ms. Karen Wilson (Australia) (27 April'12)
Enjoyed our stay, will be back excellent staff thank you.

Name  : Mr/s Bharat and Parul (India) (29 April'12)
What a wonderful stay!! We will be back here soon.

Name  : Mr. Richard Wittman (Australia) (29 April'12)
Lovely stay, very friendly staff. Beautiful setting, want to stay longer.

Name  : Mr/s Richard/Jacqueline Derwingson (USA) (29 April'12)
Delightful stay, very peaceful setting , friendly staff, Pitty it is so for from California.

Name  : Ms. Beverly Holland (Australia) (10 Mey'12)
Fantastic hotel, great staff, clean and friendly, will come again.

Name  : Mrs. Marie Rose Bevernage (Belgium) (30 April '12)
It was a nice stay.

Name  : Mr. Guy De Reuse (Belgium) (30 April '12)
Alles picobello in orde, vriendelijk personeel, lekker eten.

Name  : Mr. Frank (Belgium) (30 April '12)
We had a great stay. We will come back again.

Name  : Mr/s Paul/Suzanne Bassermann (South Africa) (02 May '12)
Perfect location, and great hospitality. We are in love with Bali! Dankie!

Name  : Mr/s. Marhi/Hanna Lammi (Finland) (4 May'12)
We enjoyed our stay in this lovely hotel. Thank you very much!

Name  : Mr/s Guus/ Angelique (The Netherlands ) (4 May'12)
Thank for 2 nice days here in Sanur.

Name  : Mr/s Nicholas/Elisabeth Hukins (Australia) ( 4 May'12)
We had a fantasic time here. Thank you to all the staff that made holidaying with a small baby easier. We will came back.

Name  : Mr/s.Manuela Birgit Stuttgart (Germany) (07 May'12)
Great location, perfect service, next time again!!!

Name  : Mr/r John and Robyn (Australia) (7 May'12)
Great place to stay. People friendly, welcoming. Will be back.

Name  : Mrs. Noreen Byrne (Australia) (8 May'12)
Lovely hotel, staff wonderful, food excellent and presented beautifully. Would recommend this hotel to my friends in Perth. Great for couples resting and relaxing. We will be back.

Name  : Ms/s. Gabrielle and Laura (Australia) (10 May'12)
Such a lovely place to stay,peaceful, relaxing, and yet nice and close to everything. All of the staff are so friendly and welcoming. Very sad to leave.

Name  : Mr/s. John Chambers / Mickey (USA) (10 May'12)
The perfect hotel!! Fantastic, friendly staff. We did not want to leave. Everyting was wonderful we were treated like family. We will miss everyone.

Name  : Mr/s. Frank/Linda De Wit (The Netherlands) (12 May'12)
Perfect hotel, nice people and lovely pool. We had a great time and are determined to come back to this hotel when we come to Bali.

Name  : The Fletcher Family (France) (14 May'12)
Despite only staying 1 nigth, it was the perfect start to our holiday. Peaceful, relaxing, the ideal place after 3 days travelling. Will be booking for our next trip to Bali.

Name  : Mr/s March Van Hoof/Tilly De Munck (Belgium) (15 May'12)
Fantastische eerste dagen van onze vakantie op Bali.

Name  : Mr/s Michael / Kim Bondi (USA) (16 May'12)
I visited the hotel 3 times. Every time had happy time. Thank you so much. I will come here next year, I hope. Always a wonderful stay.

Name  : Ms. Kuzumi Kimie (Japan) (16 May'12)
This was very nice hotel and we enjoyed it. Our time here was great.

Name  : Ms. Both Holly (USA) (18 May'12)
Great stay! Staff is helpful! Hotel is lovely!

Name  : Mr. Amand Van Der Bulcke (Belgium) (20 May '12)
De eerste maal in Tamukami. Het was een fantastische ervaring. Dank aan Suzanne en Eugene.
Dank aan al de vriendelijke mensen. Leuk en vriendelijk personeel. We komen terug.

Name  : Mr/s. Peter/Karen Armstrong (Australia) (20 May'12)
How wonderful to come to your beautiful hotel.. it was just what we needed! Friendly staff, lovely food and a comfy bed. Thank you very much, see you next time.

Name  : Mr/s. Anthony/Kery Brettell (Australia) (21 May'12)
We had a wonderful first stay in Bali. Thank you so much for your email assistance Eka prior to our stay. See you next time.

Name  : Mr/s. Makiko Nakajima (Japan) (21 May'12)
Bagus sekali,kami mau datang lagi. Terimakasih.

Name  : Ms. Johnson Lizbeth and Family (Australia) (23 May'12)
Very beautiful and peaceful. Thank you.

Name  : Mr. Daryn/Beck Rowland (Australia) (25 May'12)
Lovely stay, very relaxing, kids loved the litte pool.

Name  : Mr/s. Gino/Janelle Tronchin(Australia) (26 May'12)
This is our second stay a hotel Tamukami, and once again thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Very friendly staff with wonderful service. We will hopefully be back for our 3rd stay.

Name  : Mr/s. Geoffrey/Michelle Black (Australia) (27 May'12)
Great location, friendly staff, would came back,...bagus...

Name: Mr/s. Keith Healter (Australia) (30 May'12)
Fantastic hotel very friendly. Great room thank you,.. will come back.

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