Guest Comments

Guest Comments - Period of April - June 2013

Name  : Mr/s. Pall Sebastian/Ruechez Denise (Germany) (2 Apr'13)
Thank you for the pleasant stay! We felt very comfortable.

Name  : Mrs. Sarah Leaver (UK) (4 Apr'13)
Thank you. This way a great start to our holiday . The staff are lovely and the location is tranquil !
Loved swimming in the pool surrounded with tropical plants!

Name  : Mr/s. Elizabeth Benson (Australia) (5 Apr'13)
I have had a lovely stay in TAMUKAMI . Love the garden-orchids plants-and the birds. Friendly staff and great entertainment . All the best to you all

Name : Mr/s. Andreas/Kathalina (Germany) (5 Apr '13)
We had a joyfull stay here! Really loved bed :-) very friendly staff!

Name : Mr/s. Soko/David (USA) (6 Apr'13)
It was very comfortable. Want to come back. Thank you !

Name : Mr/s. Laurie/Jed Singer (USA) (6 Apr '13)
Thank you !

Name : Family Maclean (UK) (7 Apr '13)
Very happy stay !. Fabulous pool, lovely staff.

Name : Ms. Heather Maclean (UK) (7 Apr '13)
This is a great Hotel. Staff great/food great/pool great! Vacation great. Thank you for a great holiday.

Name : Louwsens & Lourie (South Africa) (8 Apr 14)
Only one night stay, but excellent facilities and services.

Name : Mr/s. Baylin/Alison (Australia) (9 Apr '13)
Really enjoyed our stay. Beautiful hotel close to everything. Staff are fantastic & cannot do enough for you. Always smiling a real pleasure. Thank you

Name : Mr/s. Jeam Sebastian (France) (10 Apr '13)
Lovely "small" hotel. My kids and both of us enjoyed staying here in a nice cosy environment.
Continue to have this charming approach.

Name : Ms. Huffenreuter Maria (The Netherlands) (11 Apr '14)
Stayed here for one night. The service is excelent. Really nice hotel. Thanks!

Name : Mr/s. Deidre/Mike Tyler (Australia) (11 Apr '13)
Our second visit here wonderful & very accomodating you deserve 4 star on trip advisor. We will be back.

Name : Mr/s. Vadim / Anna (Russia) (12 Apr'13)
Thank you, TAMUKAMI!Everything was nice. Maybe, it will be good to make your breakfast more various, it is the only one note. We don't want to go out.

Name : Mr/s. Sutcliffe (Australia) (12 Apr'13)
I had a wonderful time staying here. The staff was very helpful and kind. The food was delicious. The accomodations were extremely comfortable.
Thank you again. Made (The massage lady) gave wonderful massage.

Name : Mrs. Karina (USA) (12 Apr '13)
I am very pleased with the friendly staff and beautifull hotel. Thank you for a wonderfull time in Sanur.

Name : Mr/s. Angelo Noviello (Italy ) (13 Apr '13)
Thank you for everything ! This is very good hotel and it got a very good and kind staff!
Sure we will back ... Hopefully soon!

Name : Mrs. Julie Thuesen (Australia) (14 Apr'13)
Lovely stay. Beautiful gardens, big rooms and great service.

Name : Mr. Hugo (The Netherlands)
Fantastic stay! Great, great, super staff!. Love your restaurant and rooms are very nice! Internet was ok so could use the wifi very long and often. I shall let everybody know in Holland that this is the best hotel in Bali! Thanks!

Name : Mrs. Elizabeth Lee (UK) (14 Apr'13)
Very nice stay-slept very well.Thank you!

Name : Mr/s. Michael Schroers (Australia) (15 Apr'13)
Best stay in Bali.Very happy.

Name : Mr/s. Sharon & pty (18 Apr'13)
Was great stay, staff very friendly and food was fantastic . Thank you.

Name : Mr/s. Byrne Family(23 Apr'13)
A lovely place to stay. Family rooms . Set-up excellent. We'd come again.

Name  : Mr/s. Vincent/Hilary Kenny (UK) (23 Apr'13)
Really good hotel with excellent facilities and super staff, who made it a thoroughly enjoy able stay for us.

Name  : Mr. Leo Borgions (Belgium) (26 Apr'13)
My best stay ever. The whole hotel staff is one big family, and I feel part of it now.Will be back next year, and the next, and the next ..

Name  : Mr/s. Ebie Norm/Elaine Prichard (Melbourne) (29 Apr'13)
Another fantastic stay at wonderful TAMUKAMI. The staff are always happy, smiling & helpful

Name  : Mr/s. Vijay & Srikanthy (Australia) (29 Apr'13)
Very nice accomodation! Very pleasant stay !Lovely staff! Lovely food at the Restaurant Will definitely come to TAMUKAMI Hotel again if we visit Bali again. Thank you.

Name  : Mr/s. Lyall/Laurren (New Zealand) (29 Apr'13)
Very nice accomodation!Staff were very friendly and made our stay very welcoming. Will definitely come back and will be recommending to all our friends.

Name  : Mr/s. Anetie Wilton (Australia) (2 Mei'13)
Wonderful time. Can't wait to return.

Name  : Mr/s. Uchi Hasegawa (Japan) (5 Mei'13)
Nice accomodation and kindly staff.

Name  : Mrs. Bea Vandingenen (The Netherlands) (5 Mei'13)
Again I enjoyed my stay here. The staff is lovely. We meet soon again. Lives in North-Bali.

Name  : Mr/s. Fam. James Emily (5 Mei'13)
Very nice stay. Lovely pool, lovely staff.

Name  : Mr/s. Stuart/Rachael Munnich (Australia) (5 Mei'13)
Wonderful experience. 3rd stay @TAMUKAMI.Always feel very welcome here, will be back later in the year or next year.

Name  : Mr/s. Argyrakis/Suzan Zegers (The Netherlands) (11 Mei'13)
This is a wonderful hotel, very comfortable, nice swimming pool and very friendly staff.
We enjoyed our stay very much and will definitely come back if we ever come to sanur again.

Name  : Mr/s. Anna/Gery (11 May'13)
Fabulous stay, unfortunetely only 1 night.Amazing little oasis to arrive and thank you.

Name  : Mr/s. Anna/Mark Costello (Netherlands) (11 May'13)
Lovely hotel and very helpful staff. Loved the pool, Mark says "I Liked it!"

Name  : Mr/s. Thierry/Christine Cambert (France) (11 May'13)
Nice place, very great , with a beautiful garden and swimming pool. Also a nice dinner yesterday. We'll come back.

Name  : Ingrid & Vincent ( 11 May '13 )
Thank you for the great time nice & quite place.

Name  : Fam. Frederic Vischi (France) (13 May'13)
Thank you very much for your sweet and delicieus staff. Thank you it's a very nice place !!!

Name  : Mr/s. Kazuo/Yayoi Yoshokawa (Japan) (14 May'13)
This hotel is very comfortable! Beautiful garden, flowers! And kind people, very nice meal!
I'll come back again !!

Name  : Mr/s. Katrin/Vanessa
We had a great stay at TAMUKAMI.

Name  : Mr/s. Simone/Lily (UK)
We loved our stay here-great staff + loved the pool.

Name  : Fam. Daniel/Angela O'hare (19 May'13)
A lovely hotel, the rooms are great. The staff are very helpful and friendly. We look forward to our next stay.

Name  : Fam. Didien Stouffs (19 May'13) (Italy)
Thanks a lot to all the staff!. Our stay in the TAMUKAMI Hotel was perfect (rooms, food & services) Like.. 8 years ago !!
Go ahead like this and we will come back again ..

Name  : Mr/s. Kimberley Bridge/Verity Leach (Australia) (22 May'13)
Thanks for the lovely service TAMUKAMI. We had a lovely stay.

Name  : Mr/s. Yvonne Shimmin/Tina Demmson (Australia) (24 May'13)
Throughly enjoyed our stay @TAMUKAMI, very friendly & helpful staff. Will visit again.

Name  : Mr/s. Samuel Endsor/Aimme Dent (British) (25 May'13)
Thanks for a lovely stay, TAMUKAMI was a peaceful and friendly place to spend a few days. Room was very comfortable, the room was great, and service (and food) and breakfast was very good !

Name  : Mr/s. Andrian/Verena Smith (Netherlands) (26 May'13)
Thank you for the wonderful stay in this little oasis !

Name  : Mr/s. Martine Cousin/Oliver Leroy (France) (26 May'13)
We have passed marvellous holidays to Bali.The people are fantastic ! ...

Name  : Mrs. Powell Lorraine (Australia) (27 May'13)
Love this place, will return again.Staff always friendly.

Name  : Mr/s. Chris Raab/Belinda Buckley (Perth W. Aust.) (30 May'13)
Beautiful Hotel – Thank you everybody. We will be back!

Name  : Mr/s. Mr/s. Paul Wilson/Fiona (31 May'13) (Australia)
Loved it here !Great staff, rooms, + food,(music is a bonus as well). Many thanks

Name  : Mr/s. Simon Ormsby, Michelle + Kids (Australia) (01 June'13)
We loved our time here at TAMUKAMI! It was beautiful and the staff were fantastic. Would be back in a heart beat!. Many thanks

Name  : Mr/s. Casteels/Toye (02 June'13) (Belgium)
Heel vriendelijk personeel & mooi hotel.

Name  : Mr/s. Regards/Angie/Jazmin/Cale (O'Hare Family) (Australia)
2 stays during May-thank you – staff are wonderful. See you next year for sure. Sampai tahun depan.

Name  : Mr/S AllenMichael Joseph (America) (04 June'13)
Nice hotel, friendly staff, no complaints, enjoy.

Name  : Mr/s. Lowie & Sallwan (4 June'13)
Perfect staff, beautifull food, will be back!!

Name  : Mr/s. Dave/Karin Breda (4 June'13)
Lovely stay at room 204. Hope to come back again.

Name  : Mr/s. Anne / Roger McDonald ( Australia ) ( 05 June '13 )
Enjoyed our week here. Hope to come again.

Name  : Mr/s. David/Jenni/Trio (Australia) (07 June'13)
To the owners & staff.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience-an authentic Balinese ambience. We look forward to returning in 2014. Thank you the booking

Name  : Mrs. Suzanne Tyers /Parbery Bronwyn Ann (Australia ) (9 june 2013 )
Very nice place to rest.

Name  : Mr/S. Alan / Linda Wenlock ( Australia ) ( 9 June 2013 )
Suka banyak-ini bagus

Name  : Brown Sue ( 9 june 2013 )
A wonderful and pleasant stay. Love the serenity

Name  : Mr/s.Lea Bradshaw / Anita Dearle ( Australia ) ( 9 June 2013 )
Thank you very much for a faboulous stay ! Lets al great memories.

Name  : Mr/s. Dennis Phillips / Elizabeth ( Australia ) ( 9 June 2013 )
We had the very best holiday here at Tamukami.110 % Excellent. Thank you to all the wonderfull staff. We will return here again. Thanks

Name: Mr/s, Derect Maskill / Christine Maskill (Australia ) ( 11 June 2013 )
Well done Tamukami a wonderful stay. Thanks for organising party it was great. Look forward to our next visit to the best hotel in Sanur.Thank you to all.

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