Guest Comments

Guest Comments - Period of January - March 2000

Name : Molly Bumpus - ( 5 January 2000 ) - ( USA)
We're checking out today after a relaxing and restful stay here. It has been a quite different experience than Asheville, N.C. and Sacremente, L.A. where we have come from respectively. I'm 20 year old and enjoying the time of my life traveling the world. We move on now to Lombok, but know and understand among our sentiment of Bali that we will return someday and hopefully visit your resort.

Name : Maggie and Dave Mc Augly - ( England ) - ( 14 January 2000)
The Tamukami Hotel is an oasis of pleasure from the busy streets of Sanur !!.
We are sad to be leaving both the Hotel and Bali. But one thing is sure we shall come and see you all as often as possible. Thank you for being gracious hosts and to all the staff for making us feel we are with family here in Bali. We shall not forget 1st January 2000 - Ever !!. We shall think about and remember you all for a long time to come.

Love to you all.
Maggie and Dave Mc Augly.

Name : Patrick Bertin and Bruno Lavaud - ( France ) - ( 15 January 2000)
Nous avons passe un merveilleux sejour dans cet hotel calme, comfortable,decore avec gout avec un personnel souriant et disponible. Merci e bravo, nous reviendrons certainement un jour et vous recommenderons a nos amis.

Name : Linda and Nigel Butterworth - (16 January 2000) - ( England )
Tamukami for us was like finding a gem in the middle of the desert. It has truely been a fantastic place to stay. The service and friendliness of the staff made us feel we belong. The conversations with Eugene and Susan have been brilliant. We feel very multi cultived !

We hope to pass the message on about this delightful "Oasis" of Sanur to others to ensure everyone has a chance to taste this little piece of paradise.

We wish you all the very best for the future and we will be thinking of you both " Relaxing" when we are back home.

With many thank,
Linda and Nigel Butterworth.

Name : Ed and Sally Wilkerson - (17 January 2000) - ( Vancouver - USA )
It has been an absolute joy staying here !. All of the people at Tamukami have been so wonderful. We hope to return to this wonderful paradise soon, and will certainly always consider this our home away from home. I'm sure there will be tears as we listen to the wonderful Batak CD as we unpack !. All of the special things you have done for us truly made it the best memorie !

I will be your best advertisement in the USA.

Thank you so very much !!
Ed and Sally Wilkerson.

Name : Gaby and Kelle Kalkhoff - ( Germany ) - ( 17 January 2000)
Liebe Leute vom Tamukami Hotel. Auf unsere Reise durch Kambodgia und Bali haben wir mindestens in 10 Hotels gewohnt, aber kein andere has er uns so gut gefallen wie ihres. Wir werden bestimmt wiederkommen, aber auf alle Falle werden wir in Deutschland fur euch die Werbetrommel ruhren. Danke fur ein paar unvergesliche Tage ihres.

P.S : Besoder beeindruckend fanden wir das soziale Engagement das Eugeen und Suzanne hier auf Bali ziegen.

Name : Claudia - (Argentina) - ( 19 January 2000)
Un beso grande. J gracias !

Name : Inger Slelb - ( Denmark ) - ( 25 January 2000)
Vi er do glade gasder fra Danmark, der dakker for maden god hygge. Tak til Mama Yola for good massage Ses maske ar.

Name : Diana and Louise - ( Australia ) - ( 20 January 2000)
Mama Susan and Papa Eugeen and all the staff of Tamukami

A very big THANK YOU to you for the four days we have stayed with you. Your Hotel is beautiful, the food excellent, the pool very relaxing, the massage unbelievable and the atmosphere very friendly. We will always remember Tamukami as one of the most enjoyable parts of our stay in Bali. We will recommend here to our friends in AUSTRALIA and hopefully return to you soon.

Thank you and much Love (Diana and Louise)

Name : Bernard et Eric - ( France ) - ( 31 January 2000)
I enjoy my holiday in Bali and very much at Sanur in your hotel where we are like guests in a very beautiful house. Thank you for that and hope to come back soon …. And many thank for the staff.

Bernard - Paris.
Merci beaucoup pour toutes les bonnes choses dont nous avons profitees et un tres grand merci aux members du personel.

Eric - Paris

Name : Wies Andersen - ( Belgium ) - ( 2 February 2000)
Belgium TV Crew

Ik heb een goed voorsmaakje gehad en kom terug voor de rest van het festijn.

Thank also to al of the staff.

Wies Andersen.

Name : Duseroi Frederick - ( Belgium ) - ( 2 February 2000)
Belgium TV Crew.
Een veel te kort verblijf !. Maar een ideale plaats om terug te komen !.
One happy family. Thank to Mama and Papa. Thank to everybody of the staff.


Name : Christie Schmelzle - ( Canada ) - ( 3 February 2000)
Thank so much it's been the by far the best Hotel in Bali. I feel so comfortable here it's like home !. The food is great and everyone is so friendly. One note : The best toilets in Indonesia !

Thanks for everything !

Name : Jon Dillon - ( Canada )
Wonderful little place you have here. I only hope to return soon. Your staff are extremely helpful and friendly, I promise to return again soon.

Thank you very much !.

Name : Radhakrisman, Haresh and Umish Doshi - (Singapore) - ( 6 February '00)
Dear Mudy and all your staff

Very glad that we came to this little piece of " Heaven " in Bali. Lovely Hotel.

Excellent friendly and helpful staff. No regrets meeting all of you. Excellent effort in preparing our meal. Looking and regards meeting all of you.

Wishing all of you the very best for the future.

Name : Rob en Liesbeth de Haas - (Holland)
Dank voor de gastvrije ontvangst, heerlijk eten en lekkere drankjes. Het geheel is hier zeer smaakvol ingericht. Balinese en Europese harmonie. We komen terug….

Name : …. and Susanne - ( Sweden ) - ( 8 February 2000)
Dear Suzanne, Eugeen and Staff

We came here to celebrate Susanne's birthday and we have an idea of a nice evening with a good dinner. But you gave us much more. You gave us a tremendous evening, something we only can describe as a dream. Every was fantastic the dinner was probably the best we ever have seen, a taste-taste of "Heaven". Two great musicians, and a great staff. To make it short you have given me a unforgetable evening - Susanne and I will always remember this evening as some real special. We can only say - Our best regards and all best for the future.

We hope to see you again.

Name : Antje Windmeier - ( 13 February 2000) - ( Germany )
Es war eine wonderschone zeit hier…im Paradies.

Wir werden tousend schone Erinnerungen mit nach Hause nehmen.

Vielen Dank fur alles und die Besten Wunsche fur die Zukumft

Antje and Olf.

Name : Hamne Arnold Mulle - Arnke Darmstadt, German - ( 20 February 2000 )
Sorry, we had only one day for stay over - but we used it extensively in this nice surrounding, swimming in the pool, sitting under the sunscreen, sipping wonderful fruit juices, enjoying fine food, and meeting very friendly and helpful hotel - boys.

Thank you for this day !

Name : Charles & Kay White - ( 23 February 2000) - ( USA)
Dear staff at Tamukami Hotel

Thank you for a relaxing and refreshing stay. Unfortunately we can stay only one day but we will return in the future and will tell our friends about your hotel, friendly staff and your wonderful Balinese - European hospitality.

Thank you Eugeen and Suzanne for all your help and for telling us about your hotel.

Again thank you for a wonderful experience.


Charles and Kay White

Vashon Island, Washington.

Name : Frans Geutjes and Jacobine Wevek - ( 23 February 2000). - ( Holland)
Beste Suzanne & Eugeen.

Na een kort vermoeiend verblijf in Singapore en een paar dagen rondreizen op Bali was het een verademing zoals wij op Tamukami werden ontvangen.

Balinese en Belgische gastvrijheid vormt hier een unieke combinatie.

Tamukami bleek een internationale ontmoetingsplaats voor gasten met goede smaak.

Het eten, de bediening, de hygiene en kwaliteit bleek zoals je die alleen in een klasse accommodatie aantreft.

With Compliments

Frans Geutjes and Jacobine Wevek

Harderwijk - Holland

Name : Anna Makkonen - ( Tuesday 29 February 2000 ) - ( Finland )
Dear Suzanne, Eugeen and the staff of Tamukami.

This really is a meeting place in paradise - everyone I've met here is a very nice person !. I think we should found a Tamukami fan club, with members all around the world.

This is not just a hotel, but that's what you know already.

I hope I'll able to come back. All me best for all of you.

Made Anna Makkonen

Majavat 7A 8 00800 Helsinki FINLAND

Name : John Odriscoll and Mossy Noorman - ( 26 February 2000 ) - ( Blackrock, Cork)
It must be the luck of the Irish !

There we were, just wondering along the road a had a word with Suzanne, Eugeen gave us a tour and we booked in. The hard part in booking out. What lovely people and such wonderful staff. We shall return P.C.

Name : Mehdi Ovechtati - ( France ) - ( 03 March 2000)
Nous avons sejourne 4 nuits dans cet hotel plein de charme. Le personnel a le sourire aux levres et est toujours disponible. La chambre est decoree avec gout et le cadre ainsi que de l'hotel, exceptionel.

En resume, si vous voulez passer de superbes vacances, sejournez quelquez jour dans cet hotel, vous ne le regretterez pas !

Pascal Antoine ( Mehdi's friend ) - ( France )

De mes vacances je retient 2 endroits paradisique, Le Blue Musquito a Playa del Carma et TAMUKAMI a Bali.

Deux endroits ou on aimerait que le temp s'arrete.

Name : Mr Acin ( Restaurant's Guest) - ( Taiwan )
This place very nice restaurant. I like this place.

Name : Anna and Robert - ( Sweden ) - ( 8 March 2000)
It has been a pleasure to stay in this lovely hotel. We liked it a lot of. And we are also very pleased with the service, and the food is wonderful!.

When we are going to Sanur again we will come and stay in this hotel again.

Thank you for a wonderful holiday!.

Name : Christoph Peschke - ( Berlin, F.R. Germany ) - ( 10 March 2000)
Even it was just one night, I felt very familiar in your facilities and enjoyed my stay !

I really hope to see you again soon!.

Name : Emma and Nick - ( Stroud, England ) - ( 13 March 2000)
Thank you very much for a lovely stay with great food and great staff. Lovely pool and more personal than the large hotels. Thank again

Name : Alexander Andersen and Bjorn Ronny Andersen - ( Norway ) - ( 16 March 2000 )
Tre nordmenn pa' tur nendt am pa' Bali. Alt har vort stille og rolig helt til vi kam hit !

Slappet au med en cola I baren da taket datt ned !. Bare et par stykleer skadet. Vai reisekampis tikk en spiker I hadet a malte sy et par sting. Koselige folk her, selv am det ble utt appstyr kom cheeseburgeren in sam bestilt !.

No har regret gitt seg, sa vi suser videre til nye oplevelser.

Name : Ewa uch Britta - ( Malmo, Sweden ) - ( 29 March 2000 )
Effer tra veckors rundresa pa Bali var det en harlig auslutning pa semestern au fa till briuga de sita dagarna pa Ert fina hotell. Stort tack till Er for den utmarkta servicen och den fantastiska maten. Vi kommen garna ti U baka till Tamukami.

Name : Laurent & Nguyen - ( 01 March 2000 ) - ( France )
Lovely place. Very nice swimming pool. Will come again once. Micheline

Piscine superb, "giant", Glendale…

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