Guest Comments

Guest Comments - Period of January - March 2012

Name  : Ms. Hitomi Seki (Japan) (09 Feb '12)
This is my second time to stay in Tamukami. I always feel very relaxed here. All the staff are very nice and friendly. See you next time here. Thank you.

Name  : Mr. Keith Henogeson and Family (Australia) (09 Feb '12)
Best hotel we have stayed in – in Bali. Clean, good staff, beautiful gardens, only problem warm cocktails. We will be back.

Name  : Mrs. Noreen Magle (Ireland) (10 Feb '12)
Loved our stay here. The staff were excellent and everything is so clean. A beautiful and peaceful place.

Name  : Mr/s. Roelof / Ingsian Tan (The Netherlands) (10 Feb '12)
Een aangename verrassing, dit kleine hotel met vriendelijk personeel. Een oase aan de kant van de drukke winkelstraat.
We komen zeker een keer terug.

Name  : Mr/s. Brad/Lynna Hughes (Australia) (11 Feb '12)
Our third time here always a pleasure.

Name  : Ms. Monique/Sandra Schmoeckel (Australia/Germany) (12 Feb '12)
We enjoyed our stay here. Nice, quiet and relaxing. Wish we could stay longer.

Name  : Mr/s. Terence Edward/Pamela June (Australia) (12 Feb '12)
Great place to stay on arrival and lovely atmosphere on the departure date.
All lovely people and room perfect.

Name  : Mr/s. Alwin Van Roij/Naomi Clare (Australia) (12 Feb '12)
We had an amazing and relaxing holiday here. Lovely and helpful staff in a glorious setting.
Thank you for hospitality.

Name  : Ms. Azusa Takeuchi/Saki Tabei (Japan) (13 Feb '12)
Terima kasih.
Beautiful setting and great staff. The best Place.

Name  : Mr/s. Robert Skelton/Melody Studholme (Canada) (15 Feb '12)
A lovely oasis, quiet, beautiful pool, comfortable room. We feel so rested.

Name  : Mr. Rob Serafini (Australia) (16 Feb '12)
Lovely complex wonderful service.

Name : Ms. Carla Farra (USA) (17 Feb '12)
I had a great time. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Loved the whole thing.

Name  : Mr. Peter Howard (Australia) (17 Feb '12)
Very pleasant stay, staff all lovely.

Name  : Mrs. Wendy Lucas (Australia) (17 Feb '12)
A very relaxing time, fiendly. Terima Kasih.

Name  : Mr/s. Rob Vander Noll/Sylvia Rejinders (The Netherlands) ( 17 Feb '12)
Prima Hotel, vriendelijk personeel en een heerlijke plaats om tot rust te komen.

Name  : Mr/s. Jonathan Bennett/Annette Hartmann (Australia) (17 Feb '12)
Thanks for a charming stay!!! We especially loved your restaurant and the wonderful duo from Sumatra. We'll be back.

Name  : Mr/s. Patrick Schroder/Miriam Sinnema (The Netherlands) (19 Feb '12)
Een oase op een goede lokatie. Met zeer vriendelijk personeel, zeer schone kamers, goede service & lekker eten. We hebben genoten.

Name  : Mrs. Anna Herowono and Family (Sweden) (20 Feb '12)
Thank you for a lovely stay, the pool area is very nice and so is the staff.

Name  : Mrs. Hearther Starisbrng (USA) (20 Feb '12)
Thank you for your kind kind staff.

Name  : Mr. Ulrik Christensen & Family (Denmark) (21 Feb '12)
Fantastik steck. Super, service zo suvereen "Value for Money"

Name  : Mr/s. Dennis/Irene Carter (Australia) (22 Feb '12)
Love this Hotel, staff all great. Second stay and back in June.

Name  : Mrs. Liliana Reyniers/Odette Maeyens (Belgium) (24 Feb 12)
Prima Hotel, zeen vriendelijk personeel toffe akkomodatie voor de derde maal hier. Zeker aan te bevelen aan onze vrienden in Belgie. Fijne vakantie.

Name  : Mr. Lucas Benediki (Germany) (24 Feb '12)
Nice room, the breakfast was very nice and tasty. The pool is close to the room (very good).

Name  : Mr/s. Sam/Tim Wijnen (Australia) (25 Feb '12)
Excellent time at Tamukami, great room, pool and breakfast, friendly staff. Be back soon.

Name  : Mr/s. Tatiana/Ted/Jarmila/Vincent (Singapore) (26 Feb '12)
Thank you to the Tamukami Hotel and all to staff for a wonderfull stay. We enjoyed our rooms, the pool, and all the meals as well. Our 15 month old Vincent loved your baby pool and visiting the birds and fish. Every one was very friendly, we will recommend your place.

Name  : Mr/s. Steve Smith/Natalie Delyon (USA) (26 Feb '12)
We loved our stay. Beautiful place and great staff. A great beginning to our stay in Bali. Thank you.

Name  : Mr/s. Peter Visser/Marjolein Zijlstra (The Netherlands) (27 Feb '12)
We had a great stay. Unfortunately only one night. Beautiful setting, lovely rooms, great pool and fantastic restaurant. Definitely a place to come back again. Thanks.

Name  : Mr/s. Siddharta/Katherine O'Brien (India) (28 Feb '12)
We had a great stay.

Name  : Mr. Keita Sasaki (Japan) (28 Feb '12)
We had a good time in Bali island. Thank you.

Name  : Mr. Massimo (Italy) (29 Feb '12)
Very nice stay, nice Hotel.

Name  : Mr/s. Les/Pauline Brooks (UK) (02 Mar '12)
We had a lovely restful time. The hotel and the staff are lovely. We will definately be back.

Name  : Mr/s. Peter/Margaret Swetman (Australia) (03 Mar '12)
Friendly helpful staff. Good atmosphere. Had a wonderful time and would recommend to others.

Name  : Mr/s. Toni/Erin Wayne (Australia) (03 Mar '12)
Very friendly staff and beautiful surrounding. Will recommends to all our friends in Australia. Thank you for such a nice stay.

Name  : Mr/s. George/Sara Weech (UK) (05 Mar '12)
Another wonderful stay, we love the peace and calm, the beautiful pool area and the friendly staff. Thank you for the birthday cake and good wishes.

Name : Mr/s. Derek/Lyn Brown (UK) (05 Mar '12)
A real Oasis. Delightful staff and a very relaxing tranquil setting. Will definately be returning.

Name  : Mr/s. Peter Havas/Anita Vodal (Hungaria) (05 Mar'12)
Gnapot toetohins itt, nayyon jil evertil magunlat, a medence zseridlis, a sremelyzet extra ledues. A tengen pedig parav.

Name  : Mr/s. Hans/Maria Veldhoen (The Netherlands) (07 Mar '12)
We denken dat het de 8' of 10' keer is dat we hier zijn geweest. Dus dat zegt dat we ons hier thuis voelen. De mensen zijn super lief en vriendelijk op naar de g' of 11' keer hopen we. We gaan weer met een fijne gedachte naar huis.
Dank jullie allen.

Name  : Mr/s. Maksim/Irina Bakhtin (Russia) (10 Mar '12)
It was a wonderful stay in Tamukami Hotel. Everything was perfect. We wish we could stay here longer.

Name  : Ms. Teruyo Koyama (Japan) (10 Mar '12)
Disini bagus hotelnya. Saya tertarik disini. Terima kasih banyak.

Name  : Mr/s. Timothy/Kathleen Osborn (UK) (13 Mar '12)
Everything was perfect. Better than everything that has been written. A special comment is the outstanding people who work here, the smiles, the laughter and genuine friendly is not matched in any other part of the world.
Our best wishes for the future.

Name  : Mr. Johannes Schilder (The Netherlands) (15 Mar '12)
We loved our stay in your beautiful hotel. Hope to be back next year.

Name  : Mr. Lucius Sala (The Netherlands) (15 Mar '12)
Nice, good rooms.

Name  : Mr/s. John Robert/Shoko Hirose (Australia) (15 Mar '12)
Thank you very much for wonderful stay at great hotel.
Wonderful stay in a nice hotel, everybody very helpfull.

Name  : Mr/s. Matthew/Atheana Downes (UK) (16 Mar'12)
Thanks for the lovely staff, great time, extra towels and breakfast.

Name  : Mr/s. Wolfgang/Anongnat Robbers (Germany) (17 Mar '12)
Our first stay in Bali and a great stay in the hotel. Top service and staff. We come back.

Name  : Mr/s. Geofrey/Vickie Dudley (Australia) (17 Mar '12)
Wonderful time.

Name  : Mr. Luc Uten (Belgium) (19 Mar'12)
Ieder jaar in Tamukami aankomen is thuis komen. Dank U.

Name  : Mr/s. Iain/Barbara Whiteford (UK) (20 Mar'12)
A wonderful stay. Extremely friendly, wonderfuly, comfortable and excellent food. Thank you.

Name  : Mr/s. David/Karen Hunt (Australia) (21 Mar '12)
Enjoyeed our time here at this luxurious hotel. Will definately be back.

Name  : Mr/s. David Murphy/Jenny Harrison (UK) (21 Mar '12)
Thank you for a fantastic stay, finding this hotel made our holiday in Bali special and could not have asked more. Friendly staff, good food, great pool and lovely room. Thank you again.

Name  : Mr/s. Carl/Marion Vandecasteele (Belgium) (24 Mar '12)
Een warm welkom, schitterende service, prima hotel. Een plaatsje in Bali dat als thuis aanvoelt. We komen zeker terug.

Name  : Mr. Tony Bullen (UK) (24 Mar '12)
Excellent stay here at Tamukami Hotel. Very attentive staff and first class service. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone. Kind Regards.

Name  : Mr/s. Tom/Les Wiegand (Canada) (24 Mar '12)
A little touch to leave this little slice of heaven on earth. Staff was fabulous.

Name  : Mr/s. Matthew Downes and Family (UK) (24 Mar '12)
Thank for another 2 nights stay. It was wonderful and thanks for letting us use your thermometer to check the baby's fever.

Name  : Mr/s. Warren Mawson/Sharon O'connell (Australia) (25 Mar '12)
We have had 5 excellent days staying with you. All the staff are so friendly effecient and helpful. It is a very nice touch that the owner comes and greets everyone. We look forward to staying with you next time.

Name  : Mr/s. Dirk Van Der Poten (Belgium) (25 Mar'12)
Zeer geliefd hotel Tamukami :
Voor de zoveelste keer hebben we genoten van anze Bali reis, veel geleerd en nog niet alles meegemaakt.
Voor de eerste heer hebben we het achte regenseizoen meegemaakt, moar op onze nitstappen was het toch goed weer. We (Moeder Bertha, Greet en Dirk) zijn Bali nog zeker en vast niet moe, dus tot over twee jaar. Met dank aan iedereen die ons heeft bijgestaan.

Name  : Mr/s. Bob & Cindy van Wijk (The Netherlands) (28 Mar '12)
Voor de vierde keer Bali 1' keer Tamukami, maar zeker niet de laatste! We hebben genoten en komen zeker nog een keer terug!

Name  : Mr/s. Rolf/Lena Johannsson (Sweden) (28 Mar '12)
Thank you for an enjoyable time at your lovely hotel and beautiful Bali.

Name  : Mr/s. Steve/Eva Darby (Australia) (29 Mar '12)
Thank you for wonderful stay, this is a very beautiful hotel , with very lovely staff.
We will be back.

Name  : Mr. Charles Mayes (Australia) (31 Mar '12)
Thank you for a great stay!

Name  : Mr/s. Atanas/Anne Katrin (France) (31 Mar'12)
Nous vous remercions pour l'agréable accueil, nous avons passé un séjour très plaisant, nous recommanderons cet hôtel. Merci encore.

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