Guest Comments

Guest Comments - Period of October - December 2000

Name : Mr/s. Dave & Karen Alden ( Canada ) ( 1 October '00 )
We were very happy to meet Mamma + Pappa at the beach. It was so great to stay here. We felt very safe and comfortable being here - very important !. The food and service were excellent. It was a great way to end our trip in Bali with pleasant memories.
Terima kasih.

Name : Mr/s. Debbie Bradley ( New Zealand ) ( 6 October 2000 )
Had a lovely time in Sanur. Very nice hotel. Thank you to friendly staff. Meals were wonderful. Love to come back.

Name : Mr. Marco Schultheiss ( Swiss ) ( 7 October 2000 )
Very beautiful setting. Other nice OK.

Name : Mr/s. Brigitte en Rex Stounten ( Netherland ) ( 7 October 2000 )
Een beter afscheid van Bali hadden we ons niet kunnen voorstellen. Dit is een prachtige rustige plek midden in Sanur.
Veel geluk in de toekomst.

Name : Mr/s. Jacques Levallois ( France ) ( 9 October 2000 )
Un hotel avec un charme absolu entouse d'un petit jardin privatif trés agréable. Je ne manquerais pas de le signaler au Guide du Rautard. Accueil trés symphatique.


Name : Mr/s. Ben McLewee ( England ) ( 10 October 2000 )
We were delighted with the service we received in every aspect of our stay. A beautiful hotel and a lovely island. I would come back to this hotel every time.

Name : Ryu Hirakawa ( Japan ) ( 10 October 2000 )
It's very comfortable for me, atmospher, human hospitality. Especially I was surprised and fealt nice. Mr. Yudi's good promotion leadership.

I will come back again soon.

Name : Mr. Tom and Grace Dorsey ( USA ) ( 12 October 2000 )
Mama, Papa and family

Tom and I were lucky enough to meet mama + papa at the beach when we were looking for a place to stay. You were right, this is an " OASIS IN PARADISE ".

Your family took very good care of us to the smallest details. Our room was perfect, the meals special.

We will recommend your home to our friends and family.

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful place with us. Your hospital was overwhelming.

Name : Mr/s. Karen & Fancois ( Brussel - Belgium ) ( 13 October 2000 )
Tamukami is precies het Hotel dat we zochten om aan onze rondreis door Indonesie te beginnen : Rustig, goed gelegen, prachtige omgeving !

We waren blij verrast om in Bali door onze landgenoten zo warm onthaald te worden.

Name : Mr. Robin, Stuart, and Pink ( France ) ( 14 October 2000 )
A fantastic hotel that offer great service in every aspect. Great rooms, great pool, great service - what else can I say !!

Thank you for a wonderful time !!.

Name : Mrs. Vera Vyncke & Mrs. Kloeck ( Belgian ) ( 17 October 2000 )
t kunnen wij aan zoveel lovende woorden nog toevoegen !. Proficiat, doe zo voort en het gaat jullie goed !.

Name : Mr/s. Lory Smith ( USA ) ( 17 October 2000 )
Wonderful paradise hotel & special treat were the hot showers & great beds. The food was great - Thanks for a lovely stay.

Name : Kathy & Roger Morris (England) (17 October 2000)
Hi Eugeen

Remember us - we are the English couple that you met on the beach and who turned up to see your lovely hotel on our last night in Bali. We were sorry to miss you when we left, and I just wanted to say a big thank you for a truly delicious meal in your restaurant-not to mention the guided tour of your great facilities . You certainly have made a great place there. I gave your card to two other couples in our hotel before we left - I hope they made it. We are definitely planning on returning to Bali - and will be in touch beforehand to see whether we can come and stay with you . Meanwhile, good luck with it all!

Name : Mr/s. Theresa & Matt Steedman (New Zealand) (18 October 2000)
We're checking out tomorrow and already I'm feeling sad that we won't be here for the rest af our stay in Bali . Unfortunately .our last five night were prepaid back in N. Z at the Ramada Bintang . I'll miss the intimasy & privicy here . The rooms here are stunning and service is impeccable yet unobtrusive - Perfection. This accomodation here was a gift to us from our friend krystal who lives here in Bali . Probably our best wedding present yet!.

Thank you - Kind Regards.

Name : Mr/s Rahita Mand (Britisch & Singapore) (19 October 2000)
We fell in love with this place 5 min after we saw it and we have had a great time. The staff and owners of Tamukami have made our honeymoon a truly enjoyable and pleasureable expierence . Had a great time.

Name : Mr/s Mats & Susanne Thörngren (Sweden) (19 October 2000)
Everything so nice,but we think you have a problem now. You'd better change the name TAMUKAMI to something else, cause we almost felt more like a part of the family than Your Guests !….and of course: the Staff : we just love them !!

PS…och vi fror att Butu ska ta och luqna ner siq lite. Anrars har vi snart en hel höq med mini-Butu springandes runt Tamukami.

Thank you so much !

Name : Mr Jan Eikmans (Belgium) (20 October 2000)
a veel omzwervingen bleek hotel Tamukami een rustpunt in een hectische wereld.

Met veel plezier hebben we hier het eind van onze vakantie gevierd. Vooral de properheid en de effectiviteit waren opvallend.

Hopelijk lot ziens.

Name : Mr/s Linda & Ferdinand (Belgium) (24 October 2000)
oor Suzanne, Eugeen en de staff van Tamukami. Met een Tour operator zal je er waarschijnlijk niet geraken, maar als je op zoek bent naar een persoonlijke aanpak , vriendelijke mensen en een zalige gemoedelijke sfeer ,moet je de paden van het massa- toerisme verlaten en bij Suzanne en Eugeen in het beste hotel ,restaurant van Bali boeken. Van harte dank en misschien tot ziens.

Name : Mr/s Joke & Jan Buis ( The Netherlands ) (24 October 2000)
Beste staff en personeel van hotel Tamukami. Na een verblijf van 8 dagen hebben wij toch veel gezien van Bali. Na toch wat lange dagtochten was het toch weer tot rust komen in uw hotel . De gastvrijheid en de gemoedelijk heid is ons zeer goed bevallen . Maar helaas aan alles komt een eind. Zo ook voor ons. Wij danken jullie dan ook voor alle goede zorgen. Hopelijk tot ziens.

Name : Mr/s Warwick & Joan Forrest (Australia)
Eugeen and Suzanne, Thank you for a wonderful home away from home Third time -

I hope we can stay with you again.

Best Wishes.

Name : Mr John Hanshall (28 October 2000) (Australia)
So it's that time again . Time to say "Goodbye" to this mini paradise with the big heart. If I don't go now, I can't return , can I ?? So I leave now, and with the expectation of coming back Often….. Thanks so much ….

Name : Mr/s Rex & Carol (29 October 2000) ( The Netherlands )
Dear Eugeen, Suzanne and staff of Tamukami, We had a great holiday in Indonesia with lots of good memories. We especially enjoyed staying in Tamukami . From the first minute we felt at home. The hotel is beautifully decorated, very tastefull and the atmosphere is very intimite and relaxed. But above all we liked the excellent service of your excellent staff who are very friendly and open .



Name : Mr/s Koen Sleurs & Ellen de Anculder (Belgium) (31 October 2000)
Na een intensieve, begeleide, rondreis (Singapore-Sumatra-Java) arriveerden we op dit prachtige eiland, Bali. De eerste dagen brachten we in een ander hotel door. Toen we na een kleine zoektocht, in Tamukami arriveerden waren we aangenaaam verrast door het vriendelijke en persoonlijke karakter. De met smaak ingerichte kamers overtroffen ruim onze verwachtingen. Ook het restaurant bevelen we van harte aan.

Met deze willen we Eugeen & Suzanne, maar ook de ganse staff van Tamukami bedanken voor hun bijdrage aan onze vakantie.

Met vriendelijke groeten.

Name : Mrs Viviane Mampaey (Belgium) (31 October 2000)
Na 17 jaar ondek ik Bali weer en het zal zeker niet zolang duren voor ik terug kom

En daar draagt zeker Tamukami toe bij!! Ik heb het reeds gezegd als ik aankwam.

Ik sta in volle bewondering voor de verwezenlijkingen van Suzanne en Eugeen.

Hun warme gastvrijheid en die van de staff is moeilijk te evenaren.

A few words for the staff from the lobby to the room cleaners. You are just superb!!!

Hartelijk dank en tot spoedig.


Name : Mr/s Walter De Cock (Belgium) (03 October 2000)
Tamukami zal voor ons synoniem voor Balinese mystiek gekruid met Belgische kwaliteit en gastvrijheid blijven. Dit is de formule voor een droomvakantie. Toen wij aan kwamen wisten wij dat wij weer "thuis" waren . De vriendelijkheid waarmee jullie staff ons verwelkomt is verbluffend en fantastisch tegelijk!! Suzanne en Eugeen, koester Tamukami zoals wij het hebben leren kennen, zodat wij blijven hopen op een snelle terugkeer.

Walter, Anita, Ria, Hilde

Name : Jens Nygaard ( Denmark + Surabaya - Java ) ( 05 November 2000 )
Another enjoyable stay in Tamukami. I got the first night raining and I could sit dry under the new roof over the restaurant. See you soon again !

Kind regards,
Jens Nygaard

Name : Tony Diment ( Sydney - Australia ) ( 05 November 2000 )
I didn't expect such a home away from home - a great place to mix bussines and pleasure. The " T " stands great companian with other places I've seen while in Bali .

I would like to thank for the friendliness, efficiency and genuine care of all the staff…

Many thanks.

Name : John & Ann Carway ( Ireland ) ( 07 November 2000 )
When we arrived to your hotel we decided this is what everybody in their own minds picture when they think of Bali. We made a reservation to stay for 7 nights, that was 10 days ago !! We are still here and we find it very hard to leave even though we intended to travel and stay in different places. What can you say about this Hotel that could justify such excellent service the most helpfull and cheerfull staff. The personel welcome from Eugeen & Suzanne and the professionalism from Wayan.

For a small hotel in an area where many big hotels dominate, your reputation will travel to many countries around the world, maybe when we come back the next time we will need to make our reservations a long time before we travel. Keep up the good work

( It couldn't be improved ) Until the next time !!

Name : Jean Pierre ( Belgium ) ( 8 Nov 2000 )
"Hallo mensen van "Tamukami"

Met heel veel plezier denken we terug aan onze heerlijke tijd in Bali. Met een tikkeltje jaloezie vergelijken we jullie leven met het onze. Maar het is jullie van harte gegund want wij vinden dat jullie daar prachtig werk leveren voor de bevolking.

Daar onze vrienden ook Bali geboekt hadden moesten we ze wel tot bij jullie sturen.

De beste keuken van Sanur hebben we hun verteld.

Ingesloten enkele foto's voor Putu. Hij krijgt, samen met de rest van jullie personeel,

vele groeten van ons allemaal.

Het ga jullie heel goed en hopelijk tot ziens.

Claure Mochele en Gill Vandenhoucke, Vichte.

Name : Anita & Mario (12 nov. 2000 ) Belgium
Na een Rush door Australie.

Hebben we hier de rust die we verdienden gevonden.

In een klein aards Paradijs waar enkel vriedelijke mensen waren die er alles aan deden om ons in de " Watten Te Leggen "

Een schitterend eindpunt van onze vakantie. Suzannne en Eugeen, en heel de staff, bedankt voor deze heerlijke dagen.

En o ja! Lekkere Lobster !!

Name : Gast en van Alise's Restaurant, 20 personen (Belgium) 20 Novermber 2000
Gisteren voelden we ons in uw Tamukami echt thuis, wij waren Tamu kami !

Wij genoten van jullie gastvrijheid ( en echt genoten ) van het lekker eten.

Wij kennen een adres om naar terug te keren.

Proficiat met de inrichting en veel succes Rik De Jonge.

Name : Peter Stewart ( Poland ) ( 20 November 2000 )
Thank you to everyone ( hotel & guests included ) for making my stay so comfortable !

I'll definitely be back.

Name: Nilds - Olue / Mainz ( Deutschland ) ( 21 November 2000 )
Wir haben luis unsre letzten 3 Tage in ein sehr angenehmen Kleinen Anlage verbracht. Es ist sehr ruhig Leise und die Leute sind sehr nett.

Auch das Frühstuck und das Dinner sind sehr gut.

Insgesamt hat es uns sehr viel Spass gemacht.


Name : Ron & Maria Wilde ( Canada ) ( 22 Nov. 2000 )
Thank you, Once again to your wonderful hospitality! This has been our third trip to the beatiful Tamukami in the last 18 months, and we look forward to coming back soon to visit our " family "

Name : Joyce & David Merkel ( Canada ) (22 Nov. 2000)
To: Every one !!! @ Tamukami

We have traveled extensively over the past four years to Europe, North America, and the South Pasific.

Nowhere at any price! has any other hospitality establistment come near to the feeling of belonging that is extended by Suzanne - Eugeen - Mudi - and every members staff !!!

We thank you - wish you are nothing but the best and look forward to our next visit.

Name : Seval & Salih ( Turkey ) ( 26 Nov. 2000)
Please book this page for me. Because we are the first Turkish guest here and very old friend of you. We will send our message by post when we will back home.

Best regards and many thanks to you and your kind staff.

Name : Walter ( Belgium ) ( 26 Nov. 2000 )
Dear Suzanne,

Dear Eugeen,

Dear " Staff "

Thank you so much for the pleasant stay in your hotel. The Tamukami Hotel is not just another hotel, you have redefined the word " Service " and " Hospitality " and you confirm your new standard day after day. The friendly staff, the excellent food, the luxurious rooms and last but least, the friendship you and your staff surround every visitor with, ensure that one feel at home from the first minute. Unfortunately my staff was limited to only one week which is just enough to get a first impression of this wonderful island with its always smiling and helpful people. And rest assured, this first impression calls for another visit and another stay in the Tamukami Hotel (where else…..?)

Thank again, keep up the good work and until time.

Name : Kayoko Sewa ( Japan ) ( 29 Nov. 2000 )
I came to Tamukami Hotel at first time. For five days, I enjoyed nice view, good food, wide bed and beautiful pool. I apreciate your hospitality and will come here next year.

Name : Kagomi Nakajima ( Japan ) ( 1 Dec. 2000 )
See you again this hotel ! I will go to here.

Name : Hatsue shiba ( Japan ) ( 30 Nov. 2000 )
Thank you very much. We could enjoy very much. I wannt to come back again.

Name : Jeane + Rodnay ( Australia ) ( 2 Dec. 2000 )
Thank you for making our stay in Bali so wonderful. The Tamukami Hotel has such a great atmosphere delicious food + friendly staff. This is certainly a hotel, we will be reccomending to family + friend.

Thank again.

Name : Irene Thompson ( England ) ( 3 Dec. 2000 )
I enjoyed my stay here so much that I will be back next year and hopefully many years after that ! The design and decoration of the hotel is excellent and the staff professional while remaining friendly at all times. This compares with the best European hotel I have stayed at there was absolutely everything a guest could want.

Name : Jonathan, Allie & Nick Manifold (Australia ) (3 Dec. 2000 )
We have enjoyed our holiday immensely due to the kind efforts everyone here. Our Weddingday was made even more memorable by the kindness and attention of staff and management ensuring a very happy day. Sincere thanks for a great holiday.

Name : Brian Halpin ( Australia ) ( 3 Dec. 2000 )
To the "friends" at Tamukami ! Many thanks for a holiday amongst friends. It is a very pleasant change from the de- personalised approch at the Luxury hotels.

Name : Doreen Stanford ( Australia ) ( 5 Dec. 2000 )
Very restful, night stay over, meals good and tasty, I thank the staff, all very helpful.

Name : Susan Mcelhone ( Australia ) ( 5 Dec. 2000 )
Thank you for making my first trip to Bali a wonderful and happy experience. Fantastic hotel with a friendly and helpful staff ! Thanks again.

Name : Debbie ( 6 Dec. 2000 ) ( Ireland )
Great room, friendly sevice and a sun lounger on the beach - what else can one ask for ! Terima kasih.

Name : Elizabeth Starr ( Australia ) ( 7 Dec. 2000 )
Love Bali, love the Tamukami, love the shopping, love the massages. Hope to see you again next year !. Thanks for a lovely holiday .

Name : Ulla Brith Lutze ( 8 Dec. 2000 ) ( Austria )
Wir Haben unseren Aufenthalt im Tamukami - Hotel. Schr genossen. Wir hatten ein wunder schones Zimmer, das Personal war immer freundlich und zuvorkommend und wir wörden uns freven hier wieden Urlaub zu machen ! Thanks to everyone at the Tamukami.

Name : Elizabeth Starr ( 9 Dec. 2000 ) ( Australia )
Little did I realize when I said goodby that I would return so soon !. Goodby again…………..

Name : Bob ( 12 Dec. 2000 ) ( Singapore )
To my friends at the Tamukami. Thank you for another very pleasant and always frienly stay. Only one problem, I wasn't born rich so I must now leave paradise and return to reality !! Im looking forward to our next visit.

Name : Allan & Barbara Sedgwick ( 11 Dec. 2000 ) USA
Beautiful room ! Beautiful landscaping ! Beautiful smile from the staff ! What more can we say ?

Name : Pirkko Maki-Nikkila ( 11 Dec. 2000 ) ( Finland )
My warmest thanks to everybody in Tamukami for all the hospitality, warmth and beautiful smiles. I enjoyed during my stay in Tamukami. The athmosphere, the feeling of belonging to one big family is so unique. I have never experienced anything like this anywhere in the world. I have totalily lost my heart to this lovely Island of Gods. I know I'll be back.

Name : Shelly & Jhon Leo ( 17 Dec. 2000 ) ( Holland )
Kami berdua sangat terkesan dengan suasana dan keakraban semua staff. Walaupun pertama kali saya tidak yakin akan menemukan ketentreman selama tinggal di sini. Tapi setelah kita melalui malam pertama kami menginap di hotel ini, kami jadi malas bangun pagi, inginya terus tidur. Akhir kata sekian dulu dan kami ucapkan terima kasih banyak ats pelayanan & fasilitas yang diberikan. Dan maaf bila ada kata yang tidak berkesan.

Name : Klaus Dietrich ( 18 Dec. 2000 ) ( Germany )
Ein wunder bares Zimmer, wundershöne Anlage und friendliches Personal, was will man mehr. Ich werde bald wieder kommen !.

Name : Meredith and Tom Martin ( Dec. 20, 2000 ) (Australia)
The only way I could see my husband was to visit the Tamukami. That was in April 2000 and I'm still here ! He wouldn't leave and not will I. This is a true paradise, it is our home away from home with another whole, rather large, family. Mama & Papa ( Suzanne & Eugene ) offer a unique experience - I can't discribe the best kept secret ….. the TAMUKAMI. We laugh, we have fun, we stay and stay. Look forward to returning in January - Love , thanks to wonderful staff and owners.

Name : Sato (December 22, 2000) (UK)
The hotel & people working here are very kind & beautiful, except one problem which is verbal communication, (people don't speak 100% english ). I think communication is very inportand and with it, I think this will be the best in Sanur. Perhaps we (visitor) should learend Indonesian,but I leave my honest opinian with gratitude.

Name : Ryu Hirakawa (December 22, 2000) (Japan)
Every time I stay here. I'm in happy although my work is very hard. It should be caused by all people who are working and serving for me. I know that's very difficult and valuable operation named "Management". Thanks and Respect for your management. (PT. Care Resort Bali)

Name : Hiroshi Ueda (December 23,2000) (Japan)
To the owner and all staffs, First of all, we thank you for your warmest hospitality, nice food and facilities. I found the new way to enjoy the small hotel. I will return here in Feb. 2001, again.

Name : Tierry Tranoy en Rita (Belgium) Dec.27,2000
Klein maar fijn dit is wat Tamukami is. Wie rust wenst is hier zeker op zijn plaats een hapje of een drankje aan het zwembad op je ligzetel ze brengen het u met een glimlach. Dank je wel Suzanne en Eugeen (Mama en Papa) en hun zeer vriendelijke staff voor de mooie 14 dagen verlof in het zonnige Bali. Frituur kapelhoek.

Name : Andred (Susy) & John Eling ( Malaysia) December 29,2000.
What a wonderful haven ! We are so glad we found you Super staff, rooms…… everything ! Sampai Jumpa lagi

Name : Frank en Nancy Mulder ( Nedherlands )
Hartelijk dank. Voor de fijne dag en hele geode zorgen. Helaas voor ons maar we kunnen niets afkeuren. Name : Isabelle & Vincent (France) Dec. 29,2000 Merci a tous pour cette adresse sympatique ! Tres belle piscine. Nama : Patrius & Monica (Chile) Dec. 29, 2000 We have been traveling for 3 weeks and tonight is our last night. Thank you Eugene for showing us your fantastic restaurant and attention. We will never forget this night. Your new friends…….Patricio & Monica THE HONEYMOONERS Unforgettable ! I hope see you soon.

Name : Takefumi Hasegawa (Japan) Dec.30, 2000
We have been traveling for 2 weeks in Bali. We stayed only 2 days here, but this hotel is one of our best hotel !!

Name : Asima Manalu (Jawa ) Dec. 31, 2000
Aduh…. Gue mau bilang ape ye…..? Pokkokne Hotel Tamukami paling top dech in Sanur !!!. Oke dech ! gue ucapin thanks ya atas pelayanannya, servicenya pokokne asyik dech. My Family yang tinggal disini selama 5 days merasa puas and happy dan terakhir aza kali-kali kita kesini atau temen -temen pingin ke Bali, pastilah tinggal di Tamukami, Okey the last we say "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2001" Bye…… I miss you…..

Name : Mathieu Robbe & Regis Robbe ( French ) ( 31 Dec 00 )
De France. d'Allemagne, en passant pas Singapore, nous voici. En une petite semaine nous avons pu aprecier l'ambiance décontractée et confortable de Tamukami,, tant en découvrant les merveilles de Bali. Cela fait très plaisir de se sentir ici, comme chez soi. Papa et Mama sort naiment a l'image de l'Hotel : magnifique. Nous reviendrons.

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