Guest Comments

Guest Comments - Period of October - December 2001

Name : Marc & Cashy ( Van Hasselt ) ( Restaurant Guest ) ( 3 Oct' 01 )
Beste Suzanne & Eugeen
Jullie aanwezig had maakt van Bali een echt paradijr.
Wij danken jullie voor het hartelijk ont vanejt en ok getoonde uwendschop.
Wij hofen olat ole weegschaal thins niet zal onty loffen, maar door het lekkers eten zal dit wel normaal wezen…
Bedankt vaa alles !

Name : Fanfan et Bernat ( Belgium ) ( 3 Oct' 01 )
Li tris le hotel jossedavenkt ce chaime et ce cochet, nous aeerions vraiment en des diffficultes a faire un choix. Or, c'est le TAMUKAMI quil'est impost fout ele suite…D'abord, des personnes genereuses a l'accueil,lumaines et souriants. Iu le lourire commercial n'est pas de mese et cela se confirme d'heuresen heucs.
Une piscine zomptveuse, des chambres Qui n'dit ner ci lui ennes. Une gestion fanfaite , et ce dans les maindres details et autres fetites attentions.
Suzanne et Eugeen ont cree un liew dant nous avons odare faire le cennaissance, merci for trent.

Name : Koyama Yuzo ( Japan ) ( 5 Oct' 01 )
Kepada Bapak dan Ibu - Tamukami
Terima kasih banyak atas jam yang " Relax " di Sanur dan paling enak makanan di restoran, juga muka yang manis STAFF. Service hotel ini sangat memuaskan untuk saya.
Kali ini saya datang disini, saya tahu masih ada Hotel indah di Sanur " TAMUKAMI ".
Banyak hotel ada di Sanur dan saya sudah pernah menginap hotel - hotel di Sanur, saya kira
" TAMUKAMI " mungkin " One of No.1 Hotel ".
Pasti saya akan datang lagi. Terima kasih banyak.

Name : Julie Dinet ( Francaise ) ( 06 Oct' 01 )
Well…It was so nice to be here. The first time we come in your hotel, we didn't believe it, it was so beautiful the garden with all flowers, the pool with the water ( I can not describe the color, so
amazing ) and first of all, the staff. You are " tous charmants, prevenants, attentimnes "
( I don't know the words in English ). And your smile is a so precious quality ( lost in France so many times )
I really enjoyed being here. I hope I will come back one day. But now it's time to go to discover the ist of Bali. But before leaving, one last bath in your swimming pool…oh ! Your bread is terrible fantastic and the fruits too. Thank you for these 4 days in your small paradise.

Name : Jean Pieric ( Francaise ) ( 06 Oct' 01 )
" Terima kasih banyak "…jar thés wonderful fruit in Paradise. I enjoyed to spend few days in that beatiful place with so many kind people it very charming Hotel with all accommodation you are expect.

Name : Marine Jack Pty ( Japan ) ( 6 - 7 Oct' 01 )
And… also thanks to tresure sea of Bali, many kinds of sea creature, especialy SUNFISH and DEVIL RAY, and to all people who supported us and gave us a lots fun !!

Name : Maria Kunt ( Belgium ) ( 8 Oct '01)
Zo een mooi rustig hotel en dan nog ontvangen worden door belgen, is om nooit te vergeten. Alles maar dan oola alles was prima. Zowel twin als eten en zeker de maaie kamers. We zullen het aals zeker zeggen tegen al onze vrienden Hartelijk danla voor al dat moois en hopen U beiden nog terug te zien.

Name : Sven Wylock & Natalie Westelinck ( Belgium ) ( 08 Oct '01 )
Zoals al zoveel geschreven in dit baek woren we zeer tevredken over alles in dit hotel : eten, kamer, zwembad, service, en vooral de banana milkshaken.
Bali in op zich al een zeer mooi eiland, met ok verschikende volkomen, de mooie zichten, ok prachtige vissen…en een lach aan de receptie ( en overal ) maakt het verblijf op Bali en in Tamukami allen mooi aangenomen. Nog val succes en tot ons volgende bezoek aan Bali…

P.S : Thank you for all those smiling and friendly faces !
Name : Daniela Trapani ( Australia ) ( 13 Oct '01)

One of the best hotels. I have stayed in so far in Bali. Very hospitable staff and a nice atmosphere. Enjoyed the pool & all of the facilities. I will be recommending the hotel to all of my friends. Thank you so much.

Name : Arno Johansen Family ( Norway ) ( 16 Oct '01 )
Thank you for making our stay in Bali a memorable one. We enjoyed the time we spent here. The staff were genuinly friendly and the service was great + + the teriyaki chicken was really good, we definetely recommend it.
Best regards,
The Johansen's Family.

Name : Lucie Lestang ( French ) ( 15 Oct '01 )
Our second time here and still saya suka disini !. It is quite and a real peace of paradise, especially when tinggal di Jakarta!. I will improve my bahasa Indonesia for our next stay, hopefully soon.

Name : Muller Sabine ( German ) ( 16 Oct '01 )
Danke fui diesen wuudesudleu Aufeut halt in eiues " Oase des Ruke ". Eiu uiland, wie wil uus ihu uangestellt haben. Eiu besouderes lab gilt dem freuud lichen Hotelpersonal und des liebevaleu. Betreuung. Wil weden es weitesenpfenlen, obwalil wil es gesue fur uns bekaiten wusden.

Name : Mr/s. Mulligan ( British ) ( 16 Oct'01 )
Thank you for a very pleasant short stay . The rooms of lonely, clean and the service is excellent. The staff are extisemmly, helpful, pleasant and all alone with a beatiful smile on their faces.
We will be back to your paradise hotel, thank you.

Name : Mark & Shirley ( British ) ( 16 Oct' 2001 )
We use many defferent hotels in Bali for our guest, Tamukami always gets glowing reports. That's why we stay here when we have family arriving - great pool, superb rooms, really helpful staff.
A recommendatie for swe.

Name : Van Der Haegen ( Belgian ) ( 20 Oct' 01 )
Het is ons eerste beacek avon aan Bali en meton een schot in de roos! Liefde op het eerste gericht…
En daar hebben Tamukami & zijn staff zeker toe bijgedragen : een prachtig Kadek, een gemadelijke sfeer, een hartelijke & warme ontvangst door al het personnel, lekker ( heel lekker ) eten…en met te vergeten…de sappige verhalen van Eugeen & Suzanne !
Bedankt voor alles & kopelijk tot gawes!

Name : Seppala & Family ( Finland ) ( 21 Oct' 01 )
We enjoyed our stay at your peaceful and beatiful hotel. It was our first time at Bali and we wish to be back !

Name : Manfred Sack ( German ) ( 22 Oct' 01 )
Lrilan dank fir den zindersilomen lefrafholf ni ilsem Hotel ! Wis peben akesen pit freide German - ols uqlekte flotisn cmsesas Eskinolag deses Invel. Wis zerden ihunes deson zenichalenhan, ind nillerlt kommen zis zrecos…

Name : Phillip Hughes ( New Zealand ) ( 23 Oct' 01 )
Enjoyed our stay very very much. Fantastic surroundings made ever better by fantastic people. Definitely a Paradisano !

Name : Burt Jones ( USA ) ( 24 Oct' 01 )
The Tamukami feels like a home away from home stay but with better food & more Friendly people. We relaxed and enjoyed every minute.

Name : Marc Hesp ( Dutch ) 29 Oct 2001 )
After having travelled through Africa for the last three and a half months it was a great experience landing in Tamukami Pardise. It is not just the clean rooms, the white pluffy towels, the air conditioning, the huge bed, the mini - bar, and the hot water that got us excited ( although we had missed these luxuries very much ), but it was mainly the wonderful pool, the great smiles and overall admosphere of this place that made our stay an unforgettable one. It was well worth breaking our budget and probably our weighing scale. We will definetely recommmend Tamukami to any travellers that we'll meet heading this way. Thank you so much for recharging our batteries.

Marc and Yuonne
From Amsterdam ( now heading for Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo )

Name : Patrice Cuny ( French ) ( 01 Nov'01 )
One month is not enough to realise how the staff and management really do their lest. It works and I sincerely hope to be back last year and again feel the nice welcome of Tamukami.

Name : Mr/s. Douglas ( Australian ) ( 06 Nov'01 )
I would like to say that Tamukami is certainly A" Meeting Point In Paradise" Friendly Balinese Staff Beautiful Gardens and Pool area fantastic. Wonderfull Hosts. We would love to come back one day.
Thank you very much. Bob + Jacqui ( Central Gas, N.S.W. )

Name : Ms. Hencshel & Family ( Gremany ) ( 09 Nov'01 )
Paradise must be like this place ! We enjoyed the professional staff + the friendly owners. Thank you.

Name : Mr/s. Bruno Baloi ( Canada ) ( 09 Nov'01 )
We stayed for 8 - days and after seeing quite a bit of Bali - this is the Best choise. Small, beautiful, very friendly, clean and for more than 3 - star hotel. Thank you for making our stay so enjoyable.
We'll highly recommend this promises to all our friends who will come to Bali.

Name : Luc I.E. De Coker ( Belgian ) ( 11 Nov'01 )
Op het shoed kwamen wij Eugeen tegen…
… hij maakte promotie voor het restaurant…
… die zelfde avond jouger we ez eten…
… van het één kwam let ander…
… we waren gecharmeerd door de prachtige kamers, de rustige lipping en de peshijheid…
… we moesten er niet lang over zodealen…
… we zouden van hotel veronderen !
We hebben ontzeblend geoten van ons verblijf hier !
Nogmaals proficial met jullie realisatie hier in Sanur !
Wij zullen alvon in België promotie maken !

Name : Jacqueline Douglas ( Australia ) ( 11 Vov '01 ) ( Send by E-mail )
To All Staff and Managers at Tamukami,

Thank you for the lovely time we spent at your Hotel. It aws a memorable time for us.

Jacqueline Douglas and Bob Hargreaves
Sydney / Australia

Name : Djoko Purwantoro & Fam ( Indonesian ) ( 16 Nov'01 )
Kami tinggal 1 hari di Tamukami Hotel, sungguh luar biasa indah taman beserta kolam renangnya.
Kamar Hotel yang bagus dan artistik, lain dari hotel yang lain. Keramah tamahan staff Hotel juga menambah tamu semakin nyaman dan kerasan. Kami berharap untuk bisa tinggal lagi di kunjungan berikutnya.

Name : Ron wilde & Maria ( Canadian ) ( 16 Nov'01 )
This is our 5 th time to the Tamukami Hotel. Each stay here is always lovely & memorable as the last.
Our deepest " thanks " to all the staff and of course Mama & Papa ! We love you all.

Name : Mr.Andang & Family ( Indonesian ) ( 16 Nov'01 )
Saya tinggal disini selama 5 hari bersama istri & anak saya laki-laki, saya pikir akan membosankan ternyata justru semakin menyenangkan, dengan suasana yang asri, tenang, dan kolam renang yang indah sehingga anak saya setiap hari 2X minta renang.
Terima kasih banyak kepada PAPA & MAMA ATAS SURPRISE nya pada saat ulang tahun perkawinan kami yang ke-8 dan Terma kasih pula pada semua staff dan Management Hotel Tamukami atas segala keramah tamahannya.

Name : Paavo Repo & Pty ( Finland ) ( 19 Nov'01 )
We thank you for the leindert service we ever have got. Looking with respect all the work you have done to make the hotel etc. What it is now we wish you PALVON ONNEA JA MENESTUSTA MUÖSKIN JATKOSSA.
We continue tomorrow to New Zealand.

Best wishes to all of you :
Martti Naukkarinen Finland
Paano Juhami Finland
Paavo Repo Finland

Name : Jan en Ellen Rietveld ( Holland ) ( 22 Nov'01 )
IN April 2001, waren wij voor de 6 keer op Bali en zochten we een restaurant om heerlijk te eten. Zo kwamen wij voor het eerst terecht in Tamukami.
Voor het diner, kregh wij eerst een rondleicling door het hotel. Toen stond voor ons al vast, dat wij ooit in Tamukami zonden verblijven. Wij waren zeer onder de indrak.
Ook die avond was het diner voort zeffelijk! Dit jaaz in November kwamen wij voor de 7 keer op Bali. Wij hadden beslaten onze vakantie van 3 weken af te slueten met een 5 daags verblijf in Tamukami.
Wij kunnen gerust stellen dat dit ons héél goed is bevallen. Alles is hier perfect en tot in de pantjes gezegeld. Kortom alles perfect!
Onze 30 e drowodag op 19 November, waar op wij door directie en personeel werden verast met een fraai bloemstuk, zullen wij niet swel vergeten. Nogmaals hartelijk dank voor het super prettige verblijf in Tamukami.

Name : Marion & Michael Laval ( Germany ) ( 23 Nov'01 )
Miles and Alle ( anch felix und Oscar ) haben dafin gesagt, dafs unsen BALI orlau als eesias unseren schonskn in Ginnerung lleist !
1000 DANK dem fahigen team !

Name : Hiroko Veyame ( Japan ) ( 24 Nov'01 )
I Copme from Koke-City Japan with my friend. We are 8 members, come to Bali for Scuba diving. We have stayed here only 2 days. 21 & 24 November. I like furniture and picture in this Hotel and also there are many tree and many kind of flower, I feel so good, waked up by birds ring a song early morning. And then, I was glad to see owner in pool, talked and took some photograph with we had good chance. I felt refrenhed enough. I hope to come here again. Thank you so much.

Name : Eddie Bussche ( Belgian ) ( 27 Nov'01 )
Best Hotel in Sanur Lots of course stee. Good food & entertaiment.

Name : Raphael & Family ( France ) ( 30 Nov'01 )
Apres un long voyage a trarers l'Indonesie parfois dur dans des conditions souvent inconfortables mais innaebliables. Nous aurons ete tres heureux de pouvoir rejoindre la civilisation ( que nous connaissons!)
Vive les lilts propres
Vive les douches chandes
Merci de votre acceuil, Bravo pour ce codre merveilleux et Merci a tout le personnel pour tout leur devouement!

Name : Sabrina Morelli ( Swiss ) ( 01 Dec'01 )
Very secluded place, peacefull and relaxing. Exactly what I needed!
Thank you for the friendly welcome.

Name : Klaus Dietrich ( 11.Dec 2001 )
Ich bin nun zum dritten Mal hier im Hotel Tamukami und bin jedesmal begeistert von der relaxten Atmosphàre, der familieren Betreung und demexzelenten service. Ich habe grobe Hochachtung vor dem sozialen Engagement der Eigentümer, als Beitrag für einen gelebten sanften Tourismus zum Wohl und Segen der balinesischen Bevólkerung. Internetanftritt ( homepage ) und Reservierang waren vorbildlich.
Ich werde wiederkommen !

Name : Anne Coquet ( French ) ( 17 Dec'01 )
Thank you for a delightful holiday in a jewel of a hotel ….Un petit paradis enfoni au milien a "une nature verdoyante sentant bon le frangipane" …
Nous reviendrong vous render visite dés que possible.
Moi avec jerÔme; et Anne avec Michél. Nous alirons aussi à Greg et Elizabéth que le Tamukami est un
"absolute must". Merci encorepour tous us instants de laenpeur.

Name : Ary Budiman L. & Fam. ( Indonesian ) ( 19 Dec'01 )
Terima kasih, kami sekeluarga sangat menikmati….suasana Hotel ini.

Name : Rika Kajita ( Japan ) ( 19 Dec'01 )
We satyed at this hotel only 1 night, because we couldn't find any other accommodation ( it's all full ). I really apriciate. Thank you and we hope back again.

Name : Jemy Nayoan ( Indonesia ) ( 22 Dec'01 )
Terima kasih Tamukami
Kami sekeluarga….!
Sangat puas…
Dengan pelayanannya & keramah tamahan staff hotel yang begitu baik melayani kami
Love & Pray

01 ' 01 ' 02

Name : Kay Ryan ( Irish ) ( 21 Dec'01 )
Just a little note to stay that I had the most enjoyable stay in this beautiful hotel. The staff were ever so friendly,food was excellent.Room was beautiful and always cleaned to the highest of standards.
Thank you for all of your hospitallity!
Merry Cristmas to all at Tamukami!

Name : Deirdre Byrne ( Irish ) ( 21 Dec'01 )
Thank you all for a beautiful stay , in such a beautiful place It was a pleasure relaxing by the pool and soaking up the atmosphere. I hope to return again soon . Wishing all the beautiful, pleasant staff and everyone involved in Tamukami, a very Happy Cristmas and peaceful New Year.

Name : Jiro Nojima ( Japan ) ( 22 Dec'01 )
I came Tamukami fortimes. Next Feb. come again maybe

Name : Edy Mulyono & Fam. ( Indonesia ) ( 23 Dec'01 )
Terima kasih.
Kami sangat senang & nyaman tinggal di Tamukami
Staff hotel begitu ramah dan bersahabat.
Terima kasih Tamukami
Sukses selalu

Name : Widharma & Fam. ( Indonesia ) ( 26 Dec'01 )
Terima kasih….
Kami senang tinggal di hotel ini, suasana enak/ tenang & asri
Kamarnya pun bersih

Name : Steve & Hermiane ( New Zealand ) ( 26 Dec'01)
Such a peaceful and relaxing setting a litlle " Bali Paradise ". We have very much enjoyed / appreciated the garden, pool and very friendly staff.

Name : Shinsuke Hayakawa ( Japanese ) ( 31 Dec'01 )
This is my first trip to Bali Island.
I was lucky what I could stay a lovely hotel like the Tamukami Hotel in my memorial trip.
I appreciated the Tamukami Hotel with staying a poor tourist like me.
Thank's a lot!

Name : Hazuki Mine ( Japanese ) ( 31 Dec'01 )
I could spend great time here. Hope coming back soon.
Thank's a lot

Name : Mr/s. Anne Mahieu ( Belgium ) ( 31 Dec'01 )
What is lovely way to start a New Year than be here in this delightful " Boutique " Hotel.
Wish we could have spent more time here, but tommorow is another day, so we are sure we'll coming again.

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