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It was love at first sight. The friendly people, the relaxed rhythm of day-to-day life, astonishing nature, breathtaking paddy fields and, most of all, the smiles on everyone's faces. We immediately felt at home. Our life in Belgium, the last fifteen years working for our own company selling machinery for prefab industries, was so easily forgotten while being here, that we always dreamed of moving here for good ever since.

What bounded us to Bali even more were the four childrens, we assisted to get a better life. Three visited us in Belgium and we travelled together around to learn about life in Europe. In the meantime some are living on other islands of Indonesia and with them. We have nearly no contacts anymore.

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At this moment, we are helping our five Balinese grandchildrens and the children of friends we know already for a long time. Our youngest daughter, Mudi, is the director of Tamukami. When we are in Belgium, she runs the business solely on her own, and when we are in Sanur she makes sure that we have little to add to the daily management of our hotel. When you visit us, you'll learn to know her as a sincere and professional person, who's main goal in life is to please her guests.

You indeed may say we are fortunate people, having lovely Balinese children and grandchildren one can be proud of, and a dream hotel in one of the world's most beautiful places.

We are looking forward to meet you here at Tamukami !

Eugeen de Geest
Suzanne de Ridder